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This web site is based on the book
A Compendium of the Early History of Chicago to the Year 1835,
when the Indians left

The volume was self-published by the authors in the year 2000. The intent of book and web site is to inform about all persons and all significant events for which historical records can be located. Any book on history, once printed, is set, and will in time become obsolete. This web site, however, will be updated with the continuing stream of new information that ongoing research provides. Already, with reader participation, many of the stories have continued to enlarge. Such is the nature of historic records, that they are never finite. Once the time of the authors and present contributors has run out, our intention is that the work will be continued by a foundation established for this very purpose.

This web site is a rich source of genealogical information. Typing the name of an early Chicago citizen or visitor into the SEARCH box will likely lead to one or more text portions dealing with family connections.

Recent Updates
of the town of Chicago, on or close to Aug. 3, 1833; the approxima...
02/22Owen, Thomas Jefferson Vance
(1801-1835) born in Kentucky; son of Maj. Ezra Owen, Indian fighte...
02/22Campbell, Maj. James Blackstone
(-1873) of Ottawa, IL; treasurer of the Board of Canal Commissione...
02/14White, George
nicknamed "Darkey George"; a black man who served as Chicago town ...

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