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1655 Du Val, Pierre - Amerique/Autrement/Nouveau Monde/et Indes Occidentales/Par P. Du Val d`Abbeuille/Geographe Ordinai du Roy ..., Paris [Bibliothèque Nationale].

This portion of Pierre Du Val`s 1655 map of America shows that all five Great Lakes are known, with the western shores of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan not yet delineated. Du Val, son-in-law of the cartographer Nicolas Sanson, borrowed much from his famous teacher, but in this instance surpasses him in clarity of arrangement. Lake Huron is called Mer douce ["sweet sea"]; the other lakes are unnamed, although Sanson`s 1656 map will label Lakes Superior, Erie, and Ontario with the names used today, though Lake Michigan is still Lac de Puans. [94]

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