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 Riverside Ford - see Indian Trail Marker 1932.

 Robinson Woods - Che-che-pin-qua Woods, Catherine Chevalier Woods these three portions of the Indian Boundary Division of the Cook County Forest Preserve District honor Alexander Robinson (whose Indian name was Che-che-pin-qua) and his second wife Catherine Chevalier, reminding us that part of his and his wife`s former reservation is now forest preserve land. The woods are located immediately east of Des Plaines River Road between Belmont Avenue and the Kennedy Expressway.

 Robinson, Alexander - on the west side of the 4800 block of East River Road, within the Schiller Park Forest Preserve, is a granite boulder marking the site where formerly stood two headstones of the graves of Indian Chief Robinson and his wife Catherine Chevalier. The boulder was inscribed: "Alexander Robinson - (Chee-Chee-Pin-Quay) - Chief of the Potawatomi, Chippewa, and Ottawa Indians who died April 22, 1872 - Catherine (Chevalier) his wife who died August 7, 1860 - And other members of their family are buried on this spot - Part of the reservation granted him by the Treaty of Prairie Du Chien - July 29, 1829, in gratitude for his aid to the family - of John Kinzie and to Capt. and Mrs. Heald at the time of the Fort Dearborn Massacre." Robinson`s last house, built in 1845 on the reservation he had been given for his valuable services, stood nearby until destroyed by fire a few years ago [2000].

 Rush Medical College - bronze plaque on the west wall of the Cook County Medical Society building on the southeast corner of Dearborn and Ohio streets, inscribed: "Site of the first Rush Medical Society - (Est. 1837) - Building Destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire - 1871."


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